If you feel lost, join the club

Some people think if you feel lost, that there is something wrong with you, you’re not smart or that you are incapable of success. I disagree because I have felt lost several times in my entrepreneurial journey. That is a space between knowing and unknowing – this is when you “lean in” more by studying, consuming content of industry experts and when it is necessary to advance your career or grow your business, purchase a training course. I think it’s an indication of your courage and intelligence because usually you feel lost you’ve done something unique, bold enough that has never been explored. I think you should give yourself “a pat on the back”! I want to comfort you because if the top marketing experts admit to getting lost from time to time remember this is completely normal. However, you have to find a few people that you can share your concerns and give guidance. For this, I have very trustworthy networking groups via Linked in or Facebook groups. There are certain groups that may steal your ideas or share your business secrets so choose carefully who you share things with.

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