You’re Invited to My World

Social Media is all about inviting people into your world. I have worked some exciting marketing projects especially for solopreneurs because I am a solopreneur. At a networking event, someone once asked me, “why should people really care if I share that I like sailing?!#*” I responded because you might be:

1- Someone that they can relate with because you share the love of sailing.

2- These kind of personal posts allow people want to interact and learn more about you.

3-It may just brighten their day! You might think why would this help my business but when you connect with someone in an emotional way, they will feel more motivated to work with you because you changed their mood and become highly memorable.

I was extremely surprised when social media for a medical client performed better on social media when I expressed gratitude for loyal patients vs sharing statistics on health benefits of chiropractic. My conclusion is that people are not really researching any substantial data on social media but wants something that makes that feel special/validated/important. Hey, we all could use it in the crazy world we live in!


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