I always felt I had this gift to see a person’s potential. I want to BE the person for you that I hoped would be there with me when I was struggling to excel in my marketing career. My career came with its degree of ups and downs but what one thing that always remained constant was my belief and determination that I would succeed no matter the odds. That’s why I am confident you will be successful because I can personally relate to working in a field where there is stiff competition, frequent changes and technology that requires us to learn faster than the blink of an eye.

I will guide you through this process so that you reach further success and avoid costly mistakes related to customer service, customer retention, marketing strategy and social media marketing.

Here are the following Services that I offer:

Customer Service Support:

I will lead your Customer Service team or serve as Customer Service Support to provide support and solutions to existing and new customers.

  • Consistently receiving high customer satisfaction ratings in healthcare, technology, hospitality industries by listening to customers in order to deliver solutions based on customers’ needs.
  • Convert dissatisfied customers into satisfied ones with communicating product benefits, serving as go-to person by interacting with other departments to resolve problems.
  • Highly regarded as strong in developing loyal customers with frequent communication, clarify concerns and providing alternatives to get best value out of product or service. I had many occasions where customers asked for me by name because I handled cases from beginning to end!

Marketing Strategy

I help you to identify areas for new business, rebrand your current standing and assess your market position/strengths. I can help you identify opportunities by examining your unique strengths and exploiting opportunities based on customer demand, macro factors and industry trends. I can help to implement and execute your marketing plans!


After our initial assessment, I call develop marketing campaigns designed to suit your specific business needs with the accurate/best cross channel marketing strategy across channels like press releases, social media, events and more. When I hosted my social media training, I found that a cross channel works best because every environment responds differently to different marketing tactics.

Social Media

Whether you’re starting out in social media and unsure on what to post, what social network to use or established and need that extra push for increasing your brand recognition or social selling, I’d be happy to help. I am highly recognized by developing and managing successful social media + events for high attendance to events such as Grand Opening to a restaurant and Fashion Show for ABWA.

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